My cat is a GO-CAT

June 21, 2013 at 10:05am

I’ve posted before about GO-CAT's Da Bird toys. They are an absolute favorite at my house; Bruce loves them! Every so often I treat him with a new toy for various accomplishments, and the last treat was an order of Da Bird refills.

On a whim, I decided to try their Kitty Puff accessory. I wasn’t sure how it would hold up to Bruce’s rough playing and propensity to eat his toys from time to time, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised.

I ordered the Kitty Puff directly from GO-CAT’s website and received it as well as my refills quickly. It comes in a plastic pack, exactly as displayed on their site:

It looks pretty much like that, except ours is green:

Is it Bruce-proof? Surprisingly, yes! Bruce has not eaten this toy like he normally does the other Da Bird attachments, and he absolutely LOVES chasing after and catching the puff!

The only flaw I found was that the adhesive that held the toy onto its hook had come apart, I was able to re-attach it with some glue. Not a deal-breaker in my book. :)

If or when Bruce ever does destroy this attachment, I’ll gladly order another!


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