This Spin’s not so wild

April 7, 2013 at 12:31am

I ran across this next toy at Target: SmartyKat’s Wild Spin electronic cat toy. I had looked at it several times over the past 4 months, but being on a fixed budget, I could not justify spending $30 on one toy. On my most recent trip, the last remaining Wild Spin was marked down several times and moved to the clearance aisle. It was 5 bucks, so I figured, “Why not?”


It takes 2 AA batteries, which are a bit of a pain to put in, but the feather attachment is really easy to snap into place. Given the name, I expected this toy to move quickly and sporadically. On the contrary, it’s slow and noisy. It works best on flat surfaces. Its movement on carpet is little to none, which was a big disappointment.

Here’s a video I took of it rolling around on my kitchen floor:

My apologies for the poor sound quality. The toy is actually a bit loud, so you’ll need to turn up your sound to hear it.

Bruce refuses to go near it while the motor is turned on. Very disappointing, but at least I did not pay near full price for this toy. He will play with the feathers when it is turned off and has figured out how to detach the feather part.

Is it Bruce-proof? Not really. Bruce has learned how to remove the feather attachment, negating the need for the motorized base.