Da Bird takes flight

March 24, 2013 at 3:32pm

This toy is an absolute favorite and a staple at my house: GO-CAT's Da Bird! My previous furbaby, Hobie, loved this toy and it has become one of Bruce’s favorites. He loves it so much he carries it around the house and tries to bring it to bed with him. XD

I picked this up at Drs Foster and Smith but it’s available in pretty much any major pet supply store, or directly from the GO-CAT website.


The great thing about this toy is that you can order refills to replace the feather bird-like attachment for the end of wand.


So far we are on our second refill so far. This is what the initial refill looked like when I replaced it:


The original feather attachment that came with the toy had nothing but the red nub left. XD

Is it Bruce-proof? Well, honestly no, but the feathers on this toy DID last longer than other feather toys. That said, you can easily get plenty of replacement feather attachments to allow you to continue to use and play with the toy. Initially the string came undone from the wand, but as I’ve said in a previous toy review, this seems to be a common problem with string-attached toys. It is easily corrected and an acceptable flaw in my opinion.

In short: This is a keeper due to the large range and amount of play Bruce gets with this toy, both by himself and with us. The design (and refills!) make this toy worth every penny and then some!


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