He loves the husk

February 28, 2013 at 11:05pm

Next up is SmartyKat's Feather Swirl toy.


I bought it from Target for around $3. It’s a wand toy with feathers and corn husks. This quickly became one of Bruce’s favorite toys, he carried it all over the house and is one of the few that he would bring with him to bed. ^_^

Unfortunately, it was also destroyed very quickly. LOL! The wand was de-feathered easily within a couple days and within a week, the husk straws were either eaten or pulled at as well. Here’s a couple images I took showing the “devastation.”


The next time I’m in Target, I’ll likely pick up another one of these because Bruce loved it so. In fact, he’s dragging what’s left of the toy around the house now as I’m typing this. XD

Is it Bruce-proof? LOL, no way.