Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Mouse

February 23, 2013 at 2:44pm

I’ve bought several of the Play-N-Squeak toys for Bruce, so expect to see a lot of their products reviewed on here! First up is my most recent purchase: TwinkleMouse Play Wand.


I love the chenile-like feeling of the rope on this toy, plus it stretches. I knew that the feathers on the end of the wand would drive Bruce nuts. While I am neutral on its eyes lighting up, Bruce does like sparkly lighting things. Both of us, however, absolutely hated how much noise it made. We have other PNS toys and they do not make as much racket as this mouse … it seriously gave me a headache!

The mouse itself is simply tied onto the rope on the wand, so I have since untied it, leaving the noisy mouse in his toy box. Bruce loved the wand so much he carries it around the house. He has since de-feathered the top from playing with it, and still plays with the stretchy string bit.

I won’t be buying another one of these, but would love a version where you could turn the squeaker OFF in the mouse because I think he would love it without the overly excessive noise.

Is it Bruce-proof? No — wand is easily de-feathered.